something that may be influenced by something proper to the relationship or also something external to it. One thing that many people question when they begin to feel certain changes in their feelings and in the way they treat their partner is how to know if they are no longer in love and it is a time that is usually lived with fears and discomfort for what is normal Seek help and even talk to friends.

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For this reason, we want to help you to know 10 signs that you are no longer in love, so that you recognize this situation and you can decide more easily what to do.

Surely when you began to meet and decided that you wanted to be together you both felt many things, among which you will remember feeling very enthusiastic. Surely when you saw him or when you talked you were excited and thinking of spending hours or days with him or doing something together really made you happy, even being away made you sad, but sadly it is something very habitual that with the passage of time these Feelings decrease.

Maybe if you feel like this you should analyze a little if this happens to other aspects of your life and other people, but if it only happens to your boyfriend or husband then you may have lost interest. If you already care about being with him or being alone or even prefer to be alone or do most things with other people, this is a sign that you are no longer in love.

Being with your partner irritates you

If instead of enjoying your boyfriend or husband now has reached a point where being with him irritates you, makes you nervous and makes you feel uncomfortable, clearly, you no longer feel the same as before. It’s possible that almost anything you said or did would seem fun, interesting and enjoyable, but now you realize that the same things you do get on your nerves. Surely, if this happens to you, you will also notice that you have come to argue with your partner more than usual.

The best thing you can do is to analyze and talk to him everything you need to clarify and comment, seek help or decide what is best for you.

You thought about cheating

If you are looking for how to know if you want to leave your partner, you have thought to deceive your partner is one of the definitive signs that you are no longer in love. It is one thing that you have planned to tell him about having an open relationship, making exchanges of partners or similar things that include other people in your relationship, but if you thought about doing so without telling him anything then surely you no longer have the same interest in him What did you have at the beginning

In this case the most advisable is that you talk to him, go to therapy as a couple or go to a psychologist. If you really do not feel comfortable in this relationship and if you do not see a simple solution, it is advisable to leave it or, at least, give yourself some time.

Avoid talking about future plans

You are likely to feel insecure and have doubts about many aspects of your life, but if these doubts include that you have nothing clear to think about a future with your partner is surely not feel what you thought a while ago. For example, if you have doubts about moving to another country because of work or traveling, the most common thing is to think about including your partner in these plans, but if you prefer to embark on the adventure alone, perhaps you are not as in love as You believed

Talking to your partner about your relationship will be something you will not be able to avoid for much longer, so make yourself clear about the ideas and talk to your partner.

You want him to change

very common mistake in relationships is to want the other person to change and believe that this will be possible. It is one thing to want to change small habits, but wanting to change traits that define the other but for us are bad is impossible, because to start both if they are small things as if it is something with more importance is the other who must decide that wants to change And do it.

So if we live in couple with the illusion that someday will change, chances are that we are quite wrong and the day will come when we get frustrated. So, if you have doubts about how to know if you should leave your partner , think that if before you seemed all or almost everything good in how your partner was and now you realize that not and that you take some time wanting to change, probably you’re not in love as you were before .

You don’t respect him as before

The respect in the couple is vital, so if you realize that and I do not respect like you used to think you no longer appreciate or want as before. If you care almost nothing about what you say or think or how you feel or what you need, you have certainly lost interest and probably care little because you feel trapped in the relationship.

If you ever realize that in the discussions you insult or think it is useless, you are clearly not respecting it, so it is something that you should correct if you intend to try to fix the relationship or consider yourself very seriously.

Your partner loses priority in your life.

It is not about spending the 24 hours together or always doing everything in pairs, that is clear, but when you realize that for some time your partner has less importance in your plans, you prefer to spend more time with your friends and doing other things, this is a clear sign that you no longer feel like before. If you think only of yourself much more often and you prefer not to include it in the plans, then consider the relationship or think about taking some time.

You think you deserve someone better

Another sign that will alert you that you no longer feel love for your partner is that you feel that you should or could be with someone better, smarter, more handsome, more attentive or more fun, etcetera. If you think that even if you enjoy some moments with your partner and if you no longer feel that he complements or gives you what you were looking for, then you may not feel the same way.

Take a moment to be honest with yourself and realize if your boyfriend or husband does not really fill you up as before and you think you’re doing him a favor by being with him. Consider your options, because if you really believe this, you no longer feel love.

You do not want your partner anymore

In relationships, it’s not all about sexual attraction, of course, but if you think that you’re not attracted to him lately, and that you’re not just on the sexual ground, your feelings and interests may have changed.

Have you tried talking to him about what you like and what not in bed? Have you tried getting out of the rut? If still having fulfilled these things you feel that it does not attract you it is clear that you do not feel as in love as it has been a while and you must consider a change to him.

You say I love you because of you

An unmistakable sign that you no longer feel love for your partner, or at least of this kind of love, is that you realize that you say “I love you” out of pure habit . Either by saying goodbye or talking on the phone, you release an “I love you” as an automatic response, almost without realizing it. Also, if you are never the one who says it first clearly your interest has diminished a lot.


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