You like to travel? Scattered all over the planet are amazing places that seem out of the imagination and worth seeing, at least once in life. They are spaces that, thanks to its striking nature or its importance within the history of mankind, stand as essential for any lover of culture and landscapes. In this article you will discover 15 places that you have to see before you die and that are part of this list because of its amazing beauty or its incredible nature.

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Known as the biggest mirror in the world. The Salar de Uyuni is located in Bolivia and is the largest salt desert in the world. When it is the rainy season, the effect that saltpeter produces on the ground is similar to that of a giant and natural mirror.

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Another of the places to see before they die are the Iguazu Falls that are located on the border between Brazil and Argentina. This waterfall takes place when the Iguazu River meets a different cataract that can produce up to 300 different jumps.

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The landscapes we saw in the movie “Avatar” are not science fiction: they are in China and are the Tianzi Mountains. They are unique mountains by their relief and formed in the water 380 million of year; Due to the activity of the volcanoes, the earth rose so that, in the end, this landscape worthy of another planet appeared.
In the Mauritius islands you will find a natural phenomenon that is really impressive. They are waterfalls under the water, some marine currents that make the sediments under the sea go down creating, thus, this landscape that has a beauty without equal.

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One of the natural events that we must not lose during our years of life is the aurora borealis that can be seen from the highlands of Iceland. In the northern hemisphere, the landscape that can be seen joins huge glaciers, craters and geysers that, at nightfall, dye a color never seen elsewhere on Earth.

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During the Golden Age in Greece, that is to say, in the fifth BC when Pericles ruled, the city of Athens was erected as the place in which the western civilization began to develop. Democracy began at that time and cultural expressions like theater or philosophy began to make a dent in the Athenian citizens. The Acropolis is the sacred rock that was the symbol of all this ancient culture that was the beginning of our times.


In Iceland they boast of having one of the most amazing caves in the world: Skaftafell. It is a spectacular ice cave that forms alongside the glaciers temporarily and, when the water melts, a whole forms. The blue color that can be seen inside these formations is because the air that remains frozen in the ice can absorb all the light except the blue color.

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In the Maldives we also find one of the most spectacular phenomena of nature. We have to go to Vaadhoo Island to admire a beach that seems ordinary in the morning, but at nightfall it seems that the water will become the starry sky. The reason for this amazing optical effect is that phytoplankton live in the water, marine microbes that are luminous. The result, as you see, is astounding.

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In Arizona, United States, is where we find another of the most striking natural formations in the world. This is the Antelope Canyon , a canyon that was formed millions of years ago and thanks to a crack through which the water flowed, it now has this unique shape and with so different shades.


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The Cano Cristales is place another to see before dying. It is found in Colombia and, at first sight, looks like a red and yellow lake. But the truth is that this special color appears because in the water lives a great variety of fauna and flora, as well as rocks that are more than 1.2 billion years old. It is one of the most beautiful rivers in the world and annually congregate many visitors from different points of the planet. And is not for less!


In Siberia we find Lake Baikal, the largest freshwater lake in the world. But it is not for this reason that is on our list, no: it is a lake that, in winter, freezes but the water that forms it is so clear and pure that you can get to see up to 40 meters below Of the ice. When spring begins to appear, the sun causes cracks in the ice and, therefore, begins to perceive this turquoise water that you can see in the image. Awesome.

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Another lake that is worth visiting is this one that is in Australia. It is Lake Hillier and is also known as the “pink lake”. The reason that the water has this color is because the algae and the bacteria that coexist in the depths offer this colorant so striking.

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The Angel Falls is the highest waterfall in the world and is located in the Canaima National Park in Venezuela. In fact, it is a jump that almost reaches the kilometer in height and falls directly on the Venezuelan jungle. It is one of the most breathtaking nature shows to see.

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The oldest city in Egypt is Luxor and, also, it is one of the places that must be seen before dying. If you like history and you love to know where humans come from and the organization of society, you cannot miss visiting this city that was, like Athens, an important cradle of human development.

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And, of course, in a list of places you cannot miss you could not miss the most spectacular city of Peru: Machu Picchu. It is a city where the Incas lived and is located 130 kilometers from Cuzco, which was the capital of this indigenous society. It is elevated in an environment of impressive nature in the middle of the Andes of Peru. It is one of the most important archaeological treasures in the world.


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