Accessories that can make a simple bicycle turn into a smart bike is already possible.

So is! This new accessory called Halo is a GPS , trainer and gives safety to the bike of theft , you simply have to place it on the handle and synchronize it with the application in this way you can find a sector where you want to go through the map and then start giving it the Directions as you approach your destination, the handle will show you which direction to take.

In addition you can measure the distance and calories burned during the trip, in case you need to leave your bike outside the premises the sensor will warn you if someone tries to steal it and at the same time to sound an alarm.

But that’s not all, at the time it is night an intelligent light will come on giving visibility to you and the other drivers, you do not have to worry about turning the light off as soon as you stop.

It also includes a message or call alert system, which allows you to stop to answer the call or respond to the message, this will help you avoid accidents due to distraction.

You can see the following video to know better that is Halo and how it works, you can visit the official link where they show the startup to all people, via kickstarter you can also do your pre-order here .


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