Apple and IBM to distribute 5 million iPads to Japanese Seniors; Apple and IBM will participate in a program to distribute iPads in Japan to support seniors.

The organizations are initially to provide the service in Japan because approximately a quarter of the population in Japan is senior. 


CNET said that over the next five years, Apple and IBM will distribute five million iPads for five million Japanese, in order to create a network of support and care for the seniors. 


The project will intends to act as a technological tool in a support service for the seniors. The start of the distribution of iPads took place in the second half of 2015, companies aiming to touch 4 million to 5 million consumers by 2020.

CNET explained that the iPads will be distributed with installed applications and tools tailored to the needs of senior users like Online trade, exercise, medication reminders and information about other needs.

“We will dramatically improve the lives of millions of people,” Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook said. “Sooner or later almost every country on the face on the earth will encounter this same issue.”

The distribution of iPads is an opportunity to strengthen the presence in the competitive Japanese market. To ride a strategy that combines tablets as Web-based services, the two US brands have gained important contracts in the telecommunications and transport. 

Participation in the Watch Over service opens the doors to a strike length of business with great potential in the industrialized world. 


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