A new platform will allow programmers to create applications with augmented reality as the protagonist


Apple unveiled on the opening day of the developer conference WWDC, a dozen new features in its new operating system iOS 11.

Augmented reality

The company of the apple rises to the wave, like other giants of the sector like Facebook, of augmented reality. He introduced his new technology capable of recognizing surfaces and dimensions of nearby elements to adapt 3D objects, while tracking the movement of the device to display virtual objects as if they were actually in real space. It’s called ARKit, and it’s now available for developers to use to create apps and virtual reality experiences with impressive visual richness.

Apple, moreover, hopes to discover in the augmented reality new potential and business opportunities. After seeing the presentation prepared by the company, the 6,000 people who witnessed it can assure that anything is possible.

For example, it is not unreasonable to think that an application would allow us to see what would be a curtain of a certain cloth placed on a window. On an image can calculate the exact dimensions and distances of what is being seen and can change the way things are done.

Artificial intelligence

On the other hand, Apple bets on artificial intelligence, with the use of machine learning technologies to automate functions.

Your virtual assistant Siri will be able to instantly translate several languages, including English, Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Siri is now smarter, and will be able to suggest to the user content (for example, news).

IMessages will be able to save the old conversations when a user is updated to a new iPhone or iPad. In addition, messages are synced between iOS and macOS, so if a message is deleted on iPhone, it also disappears on the Mac.

And as for Apple Pay, it will be integrated into iMessages to allow payments between people.

Apple Music, which has 27 million subscribers, becomes more social, as it will allow you to share with friends the list of songs the user is listening to.

There are also improvements of the image processing software. The company has announced new effects within the application of photos and video, and developments in the application of maps that, for example, now offers information such as speed limits.


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