The apple company intends not to rely on mining

The US technology company Apple set the goal of “one day” to use only recycled materials to manufacture its devices, according to its environmental report for 2017, released Thursday.

“Supply chains are linear, materials are extracted, and products are manufactured and often dumped into landfills after their use. Then the process starts again and more material is extracted from the earth to make new products,” the group says. Report.

“We believe our target should be a closed-loop supply chain, where products are manufactured using only renewable resources or recycled materials,” he suggests.

The company said in the document that the “challenge of one day we depend not at all on mining”, but does not give a specific date to achieve this goal.

All the devices that the company manufactures, such as the iPhone or iPad, require large quantities of aluminum, copper, gold, silver, tin, cobalt and tungsten, among others. That “closed-circuit supply chain” would not require extracting more natural resources, they say.

Meanwhile, Apple recalled that its customers can deliver their old devices and work on “new recycling techniques,” as their robot Liam, who crumbles iPhone 6 to recover materials.

“It’s an ambitious goal, which will require many years of collaboration between various Apple teams, our suppliers and recycling experts, but the work has already begun.”

The company does not say what proportion of recycled materials it currently uses in its products.

At the same time, the group undertook to further reduce the energy consumption of its production, noting that 96% of the electricity it used at its facilities around the world last year came from a renewable source, reaching 100% in States United States and China.


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