Internet has made available to small business with many ways and tools to reach potential customers without investing large amounts of money.
Before the Internet, there were only a few ways to promote small business, such as printing brochures or flyers organizing. Internet offers many more possibilities to promote an online business; you just have to know where to begin.

Promote small Business

Sometimes we think it is necessary to have a large budget for marketing to succeed, but there are free marketing tools on the some networks that can help us promote a business conveniently.
Here a few ideas that will be useful to promote your internet business:



First and foremost is to have a website or a blog; your customers expect your business online or a blog not only helps your company to position itself among the consuming public, also offers a way to connect with them directly. Always remember that one of the main keys of blogging is to maintain a regular flow of publications. Another way to promote your online business would be through the blog creation, a place to publish articles related to your business or industry content, providing real value to your users.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It is essential to Optimizing your website for search engines and that it be found by those terms that refer to your products or services. Therefore, it is important to identify the keywords of your business to spread over your website; you must also include them in the title and description (Meta tags).


Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote your business at a very low-cost also means an easy way to increase sales and retain your customers. There are many Email Marketing Services to promote your website.

Send your customers a Press Release

Whenever your company receives a new product, part of some event or creates something interesting, send a press release to members of your list. A press release is a very effective tool for free advertising.


Social Networking/Promote your Business in Social Media

Having a presence on social networking for your business involves a broadcast channel for your products and services, allowing multiple users to reach very easily having lower costs than other communication tools investment. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus allow people to connect with friends and find entertainment, and today social Media networks have become free promotional tools. Every business should take advantage of these free promotional tools.


Maps of Major Search Engines

Google, Yahoo and Bing have services where you can record the location of your business to appear in local search results. Registration is free and allows easier positioning a business in a particular area.
Google Places/Google Business is very useful to publicize your business and show up in search results. With Google Places your site appears on Google Maps and local results.
It is so easy to include a business on Google places and make a page for your business on Google Plus.
Yahoo also has a large database business called Yahoo Local. It’s free and definitely worth spending the few minutes to configure it. Finally Microsoft has a similar service called Bing places, free and simple to join.
In some countries some of these systems still do not work, and you have to use other tools. If this is your case leave us your experience in the comments and we will find the solution.


Google AdWords

It is one of the most effective ways to get immediate visibility of your website and drive quality traffic. Also lets you to control the budget at all times.


Video Marketing/your Business on YouTube

Today, online content is closely related to entertainment. Record helpful videos about your products, publishes interviews, case studies and upload to YouTube.
YouTube offers the possibility of distributing promotional videos for free, but remember to publish interesting and relevant content to the public, always related to your business or activity.


Participate in Communities Related to the Activity

Each niche has online communities in which you can participate as subscribing to a forum or participation in a site like Yahoo Answers – where users ask questions and practitioners respond. Respond to users will help you generate a stream of credibility around your business or professional activity.
On these sites you can promote your business simply giving an answer or advice to a user. Do not forget to mention your business where the context allows.


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