As soon as summer came mangoes came in market as well. Hmm juicy and fresh. Thin creature is loved by all due to its sweets nature and hope so your mouth is watering too. Lets discuss some benefits of mangoes.

Benefits of Mangoes:

  •  These are great for skin because they are very useful in reducing dark spots and blemishes and acne.
  •  Surprisingly mangoes are very useful to remove the blackheads prepare scrub by mining a spoon of mango pulp, then add a spoon of milk or milk of powder and honey. Now rub this on your face and hence it will lead to remove the blackheads.
  •  Mangoes contain vitamin A. It is very helpful in maintaining the healthy skin.
  •  As mangoes contain high degree of vitamin A or retinol which strengthens of our eyesight.
  •  It lovers the cholesterol level because it helps to eliminate fats due to high level of vitamin C.
  •  Due to high level of fibers present in mango. It is a good digesting agent. It creates easiness for bowel movements.
  •  Due to high level of vitamin C and containing of twenty-five types of carotenoids they help to maintain the immune system.
  •  Benefits of Mango also contain vitamin E which is improve sen dive.
  • Mangoes are also useful to prevent stroke because they control homocysteine levels in human blood vessels that are known to cause CAD and stroke.

Benefits of Mangoes in fruit Nutrition facts and health:-



Calorie are found in 165 grams piece of mango:-
Proteins = 2.8
Calories from fats = 4
Carbohydrates = 101
Calories content = 107 calories
Proteins = 2.8
A mango contain 2% of daily value.


Carbohydrates out of total content are 28.1g and 12% of daily value.


Mango contain 0.4g of fatty acids and are 0.1% of daily value.


It contain minerals as:
Fe (Iron) = 0.2mg
Na = 3.3mg
Mg = 14.8mg
P = 18.2mg
K = 287mg
Ca = 116.5mg


Vitamins A, C, E and K are present along with of nitrogenous bones like Thiamine, Niacin, Chlorine, Folate are also present.


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