blog or a web page without social networks results very few people to visit. The traffic that Facebook and Twitter can mainly lead to the blog can be a very important part of your visits, so it is necessary that, in addition to sharing the contents of social networks ourselves, it will make it easier for readers to share them too. They become viral. WordPress, the most popular CMS, has a multitude of plugins that allow you to add social part in your website.

What are the best social plugins for WordPress?


A complete social plugin: in addition to introducing social buttons in the post or the web, shows related content that you have published and integrated with Google Analytics, so that you can know who are the most active users, how many visits have had your posts (And how many people have shared them), where your users come from, etc.

Digg Digg

If you want a plugin with many configuration options, try Digg Digg. Allows you to place the buttons to share on the item, at the end, or in a floating sidebar that is always in view even if the user scrolls. You can choose which social networks you want to appear, it’s easy to set up and it has a pretty complete options panel.


ShareThis offers more than 120 social networking buttons, so you’ll surely find that network so rare that your type reader is. Allows the button bar to be above or below the post or to appear as a floating bar on one side. As in Digg Digg, you will also have analytics information to know how they are working.

Scrolling Social Sharebar

If you think that all plugins offer too many options, you can opt for this, which simply adds that floating sidebar that the user will always see, and that is limited to a few social networks: Twitter, Facebook (like and share), Google Plus, Linkedin, StumbleUpon and Addthis). If you do not get it, you can also add your own buttons.


Flare allows you to add buttons to share content of a post in different social networks and allows you to choose a lot of options: type of button, size and shape, what social networks you want, where you want them to appear (on the sides or below the post). Easy to use and nice, not much else to ask.


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