His suit uses a few thrusters attached to his arms and back

Photo: AFP

British inventor Richard Browning took off Thursday from the Canadian port of Vancouver in a special suit that inspired superheroes like Iron Man.

Thanks to thrusters hooked to his arms and back, Browning circled a short distance off the ground, fascinating the audience of a TED talk.

The suit is capable of propelling people higher and faster, according to its creators.

“The hypothesis was that if the propulsion was increased, the body and the mind could achieve incredible things,” explained the athlete before his exhibition.

Browning also spoke of his experiments with different miniature prototypes of airplane engines placed in his limbs, during which he had more than one incident.

“This adventure was based on trying and failing and learning from this,” said the inventor.

The first test that encouraged the team to follow was a six-second flight.

His startup Gravity started working last month with a version of this suit called Daedalus.

Browning said many investors have shown interest in its creation. The British Army even told him that he had abandoned the idea of ​​having such a diving suit until he saw his suit.

“I do not think anyone goes to Wal-Mart with this or takes someone to school for a while, but the Gravity team works on that,” he said.

Video Source: WIRED UK


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