The map service makes life much easier; learn how to use it


Interest Lists

The latest Google Maps update lets you create lists of places of interest, which is extremely useful when planning a trip. Previously, the application featured the options marked by the user as “saved sites” but within a master list. Now any tourist spot, restaurant or particular address can be added to a specific list and easily accessible.

The same can be shared with other users so that family and friends know their destiny. To create a list you only have to enter the tab of a place, click on the “add list” icon and choose one of the ones that appear by default or create manually. Each site will be highlighted on the map to make it much easier to locate it at a glance.

Offline Maps

If you are traveling to a place and you do not want to consume mobile data or where the internet connection is slow, save the maps and addresses you need before leaving your home. The process is identical on both Android and iOS. First you have to look for the area of ​​interest that you want to access offline.

Then select the three-point icon in the top right of the screen and select “Save map offline”. Google Maps will ask you to adjust the area by moving the screen and zooming. If it is too large, the process will have to be repeated. Saved maps appear in “Your Sites”. Offline zones must be updated at least every 30 days. If it is less than 15 days before it expires, Google Maps will try to update it automatically.

Where is a bathroom?

Google has been working on large-area interior maps such as shopping malls, convention centers, airports and even stadiums for several years. If you are in a place of these and need access to a bathroom, for example, just zoom in on the area and see the information available.

In addition, the map service started a pilot test in New Delhi to find a public restroom in the metropolitan area. The search is done in the same way as it is consulted by an ATM or a restaurant. In India, about 70% of households do not have access to restrooms, so the new Google Maps feature meets a sanitary target.


Google had a tool in its search engine that indicated when a local was with all its places occupied. At the end of 2016 enabled the information in real time.

In this way, users know how many people there is every hour of each day in thousands of places and how much time they spend on average on the site. This way, they will be able to arrange their plans with time according to the indicators of Google Maps.


Google Maps included in 2016 the “Driving Mode” by which predicts the destination address.

Based on the user’s browsing history, Google tries to guess where it intends to go. For example, the app predicts when it will leave work and show you the weather and traffic conditions on your most used routes. If the road will be clear or not, you have to go to “Your Sites” and then to “Start driving”.


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