Crazy man Jumps into Lion Enclosure at the Taipei ZOO in Taiwan and Gets Attacked
A mentally unstable man climbs into the lion exhibit at the Taipei Zoo in Taiwan. Before help arrives, he is attacked.

An allegedly disturbed Taiwanese was bitten on one arm and one leg by a lioness in Taipei’s Mucha Zoo, where the victim apparently preached to a pair of lions after entering the area reserved for felines. Chen Chong-he, 46, shouted to the lions “Jesus is the Savior,” “Come to me,” and other phrases as he threw little stones at a stunned public visiting the main zoo in Taiwan. The lions did not react at first to the words and gestures of the improvised preacher, until the lioness approached and bit her pants slightly, piercing the cloth but without serious injury. Zoo employees, alerted by the public attending the animal center, Rushed with rifles and shot tranquilizers to sleep the animals and rescue the preacher, who was transferred to the nearby Wangfang Hospital, where he healed the wounds and was attended by a psychiatrist. “The patient has no history of mental illness, but he keeps silence and can not rule out any mental imbalance,” a hospital spokesman told the TVBS television cameras.


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