Discover some tips to control an aggressive or impulsive person. Avoid violent behaviors by knowing what to do.


How to Control Aggressive People

Learning to deal with an aggressive person is a necessary resource for business and labor negotiations, but also a tool that you can use on a day to day basis. In this article we tell you some useful tips that you will surely want to consider when you need to talk to these people impulsive, angry, without entering into discussions and achieving efficiency in your communication.

Main thing, stay calm

When interacting with aggressive people, the first thing is to remain calm. Nothing will get you angry, too, let alone let your emotions take control. Take a deep breath and do your best to maintain a neutral position, away from anger, pride, tears and any other emotion that impedes your expression.

On the other hand, he understands that they can be so, of an angry nature, but also that they are being victims of an agonizing situation in their lives. Do not categorize someone you just meet for this behavior, and always keep in mind that the anger you are expressing may not be due to the exchange with you, but rather an expression of your emotions from another, poorly worked field of course. Of course: not to understand this means that you should let yourself be treated badly, but you need to apply the following tips.

What to do with an aggressive person?

Consider these tips to control people impulsive and aggressive:

Take care of what you say. Choose your words well. Maintain respect and emotional neutrality. To put it some way: do not give him ammunition to feel attacked and respond with more violence.

Ask him a question. If you notice that a person is raising their anger level, ask a question to get them out of context. You can check the time, date, if you know if it will rain that day, and even a little lie like ” is a cell phone, will it be yours? “. This will divert your attention and may give you the opportunity to slow down your violent emotions.

Stay close, but not too much. If you are standing, stand erect in front of him or her, neither too close nor too far. If you are sitting, for example at a meeting, a good trick is to sit in the seat next: this prevents stay on his line of sight, and will help to avoid their attacks.

Look into his eyes. Not intimidatingly, but keep your eyes instead of looking at the floor or the wall. This will show that they are at the same “height” when speaking, and prevents you from considering yourself a submissive person, which can give you even more “power” to continue your aggressiveness.

Do not raise your voice. In addition to keeping you calm, without letting your emotions control you, also maintain a calm, rather low voice in volume. This forces the aggressive person to lower his / her own tone of voice or at least invites him / her to it.

Do not make contact. Avoid physical contact as much as possible. The people aggressive in their words can easily spend a violent emotional state that endorses to show physical attacks. Even if you are a loved one, avoid contact until he or she does not initiate or clearly demonstrate that intention, for example, when you hold her or when she reaches out to greet you.

Use your name. When dealing with an emotionally violent person, use his name when speaking to him, even if you regularly mention him with his last name or a nickname. This will give formality to your words, and will contextualize the situation in seriousness and in a personal way.

We can all stop the violence

Emotionally violent situations may seem like everyday things. That co-worker who uses aggressive vocabulary will soon be able to unleash his emotions, and he will grow the problem into dangerous levels. Always, at all times, keep in mind that we must all recognize and act in cases of violence.

“To control an aggressive person, ask her a question to get her out of context. Check her time, date, or anything else that distracts her.”

And please, if you or someone you know is a victim of physical, emotional or verbal abuse; do not hesitate to contact the authorities for help. Controlling aggressive people is an urgent matter, which we must attend to each and every one of us.


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