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While people spend their time on social networks, they can realize their business and even become customers. We show you how to make your business grow through digital marketing tools.

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With the advent of Information Technology (ICT), digital knowledge has become as valuable as what is traditionally taught in universities, since it can be determinant when applying for a job. No longer is it just to handle the office package, now among more programs and applications know how to use a candidate, it becomes more competitive.

It is now common for large companies to have entire departments in charge of digital strategy, since the number of clicks, number of sessions per user and time spent on the page can define the success of a company. The ‘marketing’ has gone from telephone surveys and hand out flyers, to having complex databases and sending personalized advertising. Now businesses must evolve faster to adapt to changes in audiences.

And it is that businesses have been transformed because customers have also changed, newspapers are now read online, not buy discs but streaming music services, neither buy movies but subscriptions to Netflix. Customers prefer to buy from home before going to the store, they have become more demanding when choosing a product, and in addition they also value the shopping experience.

If you have a good business, offer things that people need but the sales go wrong, you may need to rethink your strategy, it is not just having a presence on the internet by creating profiles in social networks; it is a question of the indicated people finding their Offer and generate a link with your company.

Some advices

Before showing you the tools we give you tips on how you can promote your business more effectively:

Know your customers: It is vital that you know where you are located, what your consumption habits are, and what your needs are, and how your business can offer them something. For this is ideal to create databases with ages, marital status, gender and educational level, the idea is to find out what the trends are about buying habits, so you can understand where you can move your business

Listen to your customers: good experiences motivate you to continue, it is always pleasant to have satisfied customers, but bad experiences deserve the same attention, since they are an opportunity to correct errors and that your products, or services, are better. For this we recommend having customer service channels, you can do them through social networks, remember that good communication can grow your brand.

Keep an eye on the goals: it is important to have clear goals, for example you can establish how many sales you want to make per month as well as how much you want to grow in social networks. It is fundamental to know the impact of the strategy, if the numbers do not give you means that something must be doing wrong, there are no magic formulas in the ‘marketing’, it is best to try many ways to promote your product to identify which are Depending on your business.

Now the tools

  1. Ads

This type of advertising proves to be more effective in reaching out to those who are looking for products related to what you offer. If you put a billboard on the street, your message will be reaching all kinds of people without discrimination, children, young people, adults, old people and anyone who passes through that place, of course sometimes the place can be frequented by certain kind of people. Instead with ads ‘ads’ the destination of the message will be more precise, if someone follows similar business on Facebook, is likely to appear advertising your business and that person is interested.

Both Google and Twitter and Facebook offer advertising from their social networks, companies are among the most visited corners of the internet, only Facebook has more than 1.5 billion users, so the chances of finding potential customers are high.

  1. Facebook Business Manager

The social network has a tool to manage the advertising campaigns and the ‘fan page’. It can be accessed by creating an account at  Doing so will give you results as to the scope of your campaign, the number of impressions and a calculation of your investment.

The novelty of ‘Facebook Business Manager’ is that accounts are not strictly linked to the profile of the administrator, so if the account manager changes work or loses the key, the information is still accessible, it also allows you to several people use the same account to work together.

To ensure effective coordination, ‘Facebook Business’ allows you to establish roles: there are administrators who have full access to the account, publishers who have the same access with the exception of not being able to assign roles to others, moderators who can reply to messages, View statistics and create ads but not publish, advertisers who   manage advertising accounts and analysts who can only query statistics on the page.

The tool allows you to set objectives for the campaign, the main ones are three:

Recognition: This seeks to have users with interest in your product.

Consideration: that is aimed at people seeking more information about your business.

Conversions: users to buy

  1. Google Analytics

It is the best way to monitor the growth of your business website; Google Analytics is the most complete tool for viewing page traffic. By using it you can see the number of users who are visiting your portal in real time, the number of visits per month or year, and even compare statistics. It also gives you information about traffic sources so you can know if people find your page through the Google search engine, the Facebook page or if you enter directly.

On the other hand, it is possible to capture demographic data of the users, to know which part they live, what age range they have, which is the key to measure the results of the publicity and strategy towards the growth.


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