The brand Apple is distinguished by its premium prices


It is no secret that Apple branded products are characterized by their high price, aspect that has been strongly criticized by some users who do not see with good eyes that the firm covers so much for the privilege of wearing the apple logo bite.

Here is a list of the most expensive products that have been launched by the company:

Apple Lisa

Apple Lisa was a desktop computer launched by Apple in January 1983. The device cost $ 9,995, a particularly high amount by then. Taking inflation into account, that figure would currently be around $ 24,000

Apple Lisa

20th Anniversary Macintosh

The 20th Anniversary Macintosh (TAM) was launched in 1997 at a price of $ 7,500, which would currently be about $ 11,200.

The computer was not very successful and in less than a year its price fell to $ 1,995.


Macintosh Portable

In September 1989, Apple introduced its first notebook. The team weighed more than 7 kilos and cost $ 7,300. Currently it would be worth about 14,300.

Macintosh Portable

Apple LaserWriter

Launched in 1985, the Laser Writer was one of the first laser printers available for the mass market. It was compatible with a dozen of computers of Apple and its price was 7,000 dollars, that is to say, about 16,000 dollars of today.

Apple LaserWriter

Apple Watch Edition

The Apple Watch went on sale in 2015 at a price of $ 349 for the basic model. However, the company released a special version called Apple Watch Edition with a cost that oscillated between the 10,000 and the 17,000 dollars.

Apple Watch Edition

Mac Pro (second generation)

Launched in 2013 at a price in excess of $ 20,000, this revolutionary device achieved twice the overall performance of the previous model with a design that occupied less than one-eighth of its volume.



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