In digital environments, there is no doubt that the attraction of potential customers is capital. Many e-commerce spend a lot of effort on improving their conversion ratios, but what happens when we disappoint our own customers with false expectations? Do we treat them properly once the product has been purchased? Do we take care of them, or do we just remember them when we want to carry out a cross-selling action?

Notes to find excellence in customer services

To try to find excellence in this section, not a simple task, remember these notes:

Automate processes to gain speed of attention

In the e-commerce world everything goes faster and time is golden. Customers are not usually very sympathetic with unwarranted waiting.

Permanent contact with customers

Every “x” time (depending on the sector) it is very healthy to launch surveys to optimize specific points or simply reward the loyalty of repeat buyers.

Obsession for details: the customer likes to take care of the details for example in the shopping experience. An original and fun welcome email when making the purchase for example can cause the user to take empathy with us.

Develop a good FAQS section (frequently asked questions)

That will avoid unnecessary queries very often.

Publish the commitments that the online shop acquires with customers (delivery times, opening hours, return policy)

The user must know from the minute 1 that can wait and that can demand as a client to avoid feelings of frustration caused by 100% avoidable confusion.

Have different channels of care and resolution of incidents

Chat, email, social networks and telephone are some example. This ensures that at least one will feel comfortable. Not having more than one channel sometimes causes lack of communication with users and that can generate dissatisfaction or even loss of sales.

 In customer service they are missing the half-measures, to give good service

  • Either they incorporate efficient self-service structures
  • Or an integral service is provided

The Power of CRM to Customize Customer Service

We all leave a mark with our actions in the network, now it’s up to all e-commerce to know how to collect this data, interpret it and know how to use it so as not to treat all its customers equally.

Create the best possible care team

May it inspire positivism, humility, and be 100% resolutive. To provide it properly:

– Mark clear and uniform protocols to always give a good answer.

– A lot of training: the customer is going to buy ultra-informed and has a lot of data at their fingertips.


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