Re-branded Glass Enterprise, these lenses are aimed at business use

Google Glass

Google Glass was launched four years ago. And, in spite of the initial enthusiasm of this product, the fashion happened more quickly than the company would have wanted. Now the project is reformulated and reoriented, with an industrial focus.

The company gave name to this new version of Google Glass as Glass Enterprise, since they are oriented to business use and, more specifically, to assembly and maintenance lines.

The new product is not compatible with the Play Store and will not allow installing applications that are not developed by any of the commercial partners of the project. Its use will be specific to the working environment and that is why Google partners have developed several solutions that include live audio and video transmission, intelligent protocol management and systematization of geolocalized alerts in real time.

In addition to the software enhancements, Glass Enterprise also features hardware innovations. They are lighter and more comfortable to use than the previous model, which is fundamental in areas such as manufacturing, logistics or health, where the worker does not have his hands to handle the equipment. Even the lenses will be adapted to the approved standard for protective lenses.


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