This can be the solution to be more orderly, to ensure that things are not forgotten and the work is done. We tell you what to keep in mind when doing so. Let’s get Ready to be more productive:

It is always an advantage to know in advance what to do and much better if those activities are listed, this way you will not have to worry about remembering things, just take a look at your list. In doing so, it is important to keep in mind that not only must daily activities be difficult to remember, it is also important to add routines, not only to write down important things, it is best to take into account even the smallest detail , Another side is good to propose.

Every large project has a list of activities to do, from government plans to building constructions; it’s a kind of guarantee that things are going to be done. If you are not very friendly with the role, you can use applications like to do list or any. Does that help you monitor things from your cell phone? Also try to write rest and fun activities, as they are also important.

Advantages of making lists

The lists give importance to the tasks: it is tempting to make a list more and more things happen to us to add, and even when the work progress we decided to skip the tasks that seem simple and continue with the important. The lists establish hierarchy in the activities, as well as tell us what minimum things to do to complete our goalsIt is important not to let go of simple tasks, remember that sometimes they can make the difference between success and failure.

They release us from the load : some consider that making lists is not ideal, preferring to feel more autonomous, free and creative in doing their activities, the problem is that many goals can be forgotten, in addition, energy is spent remembering what is What should they do. It is as if you had a computer with a full hard drive, your best option is to buy a portable disk to free up space for use in other things, the same happens with the brain, with lists instead of walking remembering things could use that effort To be more creative in their activities.

“If you do not have the activities on a list you will be thinking of two or three things at a time, whereas if you have written you will concentrate more on the execution. In addition, when it is crossed out, a cycle of action is closed and the attention paid to that cycle is restored, “says Jairo Pinilla, manager of Performa, a company dedicated to the selection of personnel and the improvement of productivity of its customers.

The lists promote discipline: it is important to make sure that even the smallest task is ready; it is the best way to be disciplined. At the beginning it will be difficult to complete all the tasks, but as you begin to do you will get better and better, you will be more attentive and increase the chances of being more productive.

They save time: the time it takes to make a list can be an excuse not to try, it is reasonable that someone feels lazy and even believes it unnecessary, however making lists help save time throughout the day, because they prevent errors caused by skipping The basic steps, so you avoid spending time correcting things and you can use it performing any other activity.

How to make a list and make it effective?

Check your mistakes: examine why you are not getting the results you want, look for weaknesses in the tasks of your daily life. For example, if you are always late, you may not leave things ready the night before or because you are taking too long at breakfast. Reviewing things that go wrong are the basis for improving your lists.

Focus on the simple things you always forget: you can complete the list and adjust it to your needs, it is recommended that you always carry it with you in a pocket or on your cell phone; the idea is to have the possibility to edit it constantly.

Projects go further: complex tasks may require many steps to be taken, so if it is a complicated project or procedure, it is best to announce it on your daily list and have it on another sheet with steps to do so. For it is probable that to carry out this type of tasks it is necessary to make calls, to obtain documents, to review sources and many other steps that can be essential and at the same time easy to forget.

Adapt the list according to your needs: surely in three months you will not be performing the same activities you do today, it is normal for your routines to change, it is part of the cycle of life. Adapt your routine and lists to the changes that come, if for example you have not had the results you want, you are probably trying to do many things at the same time, so it is better to be flexible in defining the objectives of the list.


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