Communication channels with clients went beyond the traditional ones. Now you must know it in depth to ensure the success of your business. How to do it?


Every day we move further away from that era when brands with a promise made traditional marketing, building unidirectional advertising messages aimed at a target market, expecting promising increases in points of sale. Today, marketing is uniquely and exclusively aimed at increasing sales of products and services, the one that does not know who needs to buy your product? What experience have you had with our brand? Have we actually fulfilled what we promised to advertise? Will that client be thinking of abandoning us? This limited vision is becoming increasingly inefficient and costly for brands.

The new generations and their dynamics of consumption demand marketing focused on the client, which starts from its recognition to design business strategies. One of the biggest challenges of today’s brands is to make strategic and intelligent marketing that helps us build lasting, profitable and sustainable relationships with customers and in general with stakeholders.

Gone are the days when the work of marketing and advertising was relatively simple: a good product, a good image, a good promise, a lot of creativity and presence in all the mass media: the recipe for success. Today although some ingredients are maintained, quality is taken for granted and it is the experience that acquires special importance with the challenge of providing added values, equal or superior to the same product.

Although today the promise maintains its relevance, the challenge is to fulfill it in every moment of truth. That is why creativity must now be based on real data and I do not mean only qualitative or quantitative market research; It is about knowing and understanding the customers based on the data that they leave us in all the interactions derived from the experience that they live with the brand: in the search engine of Internet, in the online store, in the call center, in the points of Sale, among many others. And we should not limit this dynamic to indiscriminate data collection; on the contrary, the selection must be made in terms of significant interactions with customers.

For all this, today’s Marketing must become a Strategic Marketing that starts from the top management of the companies, designing and building strategies that help to foster, strengthen and maintain relationships with stakeholders, making them more and more Durable, profitable and sustainable.

Duration is one of the dimensions of the relationship that must be managed and planned. The problem that many service companies such as the telecommunications sector suffer is that they invest millions in sums, attracting thousands of new mobile users monthly, and because of bad experiences with the brand, thousands decide to abandon them.

Would not it be smarter to look at our users’ information to make better decisions? We have resources like PQR, social networks, ERP and CRM systems, where we have real-time feedback. Companies are already investing efforts in data, and 44% of those actions focus on the measurement and analysis of audiences (Data Mentors). There is the main input to answer questions that should be a priority of the brand: why are they dissatisfied? What emotions do the customers live in moments of truth with the brand? In what average time periods and why do these clients leave us? What types of clients leave us most often?

This continuous monitoring will facilitate the construction of a much more accurate Brief, based on facts that allow us not only to understand and describe the current problem, but to predict future behaviors and create much more targeted marketing campaigns, establishing dialogues and not just talking massively.

Now, if we talk about profitability in the relationship, we must think of individuals who have increasingly particular behaviors and interests and plan strategies or campaigns much more personalized, and I do not mean just say hello by name, but to be able to Reaching the person clearly identified with the right message and especially at the right time, and data has a key role in this dynamic, research shows that companies that put the data in terms of marketing decision making increase their ROI by 20%.

This way, we will be able to have a client in the financial sector who, one day, decided to take credit with us, also have a savings account or a CDT, and do not see in our brand an interest in the massive revenue collection, Actions to make the relationship sustainable over time, not just selling, also helping and even educating.

For all this I insist that if we want to evolve from a traditional marketing to a Marketing focused on the construction of Relationships or so-called Relational Marketing , we have to link transversely to all areas of the company in a clear strategy of improvement of the integral experience of customers with the brand.


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