Health apps are a fast growing market; here are some useful and reliable tools


Health applications are the third most downloaded after the games and utilities. Currently there are around 97,000 apps in this category on all mobile platforms, of which 30% are aimed at patients and professionals and the remaining 70% to the general public.

These applications have become a tool that helps patients to have more information about their pathologies, in addition to the ones they receive from professionals.

What is mHealth?

According to the World Health Organization, mHealth is the practice of medicine and public health through mobile devices such as telephones, patient monitoring devices and digital personal assistants. mHealth is part of eHealth, which refers to the practice of healthcare based on information and communication technologies.

This use of mobile devices includes prevention, diagnosis and treatment. It is also used as a means of communication between colleagues, between doctors and patients and also from patient to patient. It is believed that the spread of mHealth would reduce the costs of different health services.

Some of the most popular and recommended are:

Universal Doctor Speaker

A translator that facilitates the interaction between doctors and patients when they speak different languages, Including illustrations and phrases


It allows you to manage medical appointments, find specialists depending on the insurance contracted and qualify the professionals. At the moment, this app is not available for Uruguay users, but it is one of the most used in its field.

Social Diabetes

It helps control type 1 and 2 diabetes. It allows patients to calculate hydrate doses and insulin administration, while doctors monitor them remotely.


App No. 1 in the ranking of pharmacists. It works as a monitoring and reminder for medication administration.


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