From New York to Australia, London or Hawaii; How to choose the best destination for your English course with so many options in the world?

Which destination to choose to take an English course abroad

If you have decided to improve your English by taking a course abroad, you will have to face the decision to choose the best destination. We recommend that you follow the following steps and you will surely find the best city for you:

Investigate options for studying abroad

Like any project, you should start with an investigation. Start by gathering information from the countries where you could take your course. The best, of course, is that they are places whose native language is English, from the most popular (Canada, United States, England and Australia) to more exotic countries such as South Africa, New Zealand, Ireland or Singapore.

Discover what each destination offers: city types, weather, activities and schools offer for your English course. In the World Travel Guide you will find information from different destinations around the world.

Build your project abroad

Once you know your options, you can start building your project. The first step is to be clear about the goals and expectations of the English course abroad. Make a list of your top 5 goals: be able to reach an advanced level of English, explore a new culture, meet people from elsewhere, or perhaps get a certificate for work or school.

“Like any project, you should start with an investigation. Begin by gathering information from the countries where you could take your English course.”

The second step is to know your limitations: define your budget and the time you can devote to your English course. Maybe Australia catches your eye, but the cost will be higher if you compare it to an English course in the United States.

The third step is to define the details of the course: the intensity of the program and the type of English course. For example: Business English, English to accredit an official exam, etc. According to your goals, you will know if the best thing for you is to find a city that offers you many job possibilities, such as Toronto or Atlanta, or perhaps a destination with a more academic profile, such as Cambridge.

Choose the destination according to your personality and tastes

Finally, take into account your personality and tastes. Surely while investigating your options you will find that there are destinations that attract you more than others. For music lovers, England is an ideal destination. For people looking to be close to nature, what better than Vancouver, or if you like cinema, imagine a course in the city of Los Angeles while you explore Hollywood.

So do not wait any longer and look for where to study your English course abroad. If you want a personalized advice to choose the best destination, visit the EF Education First guide.

“The first step is to be clear about the goals and expectations of the English course abroad. Make a list of your top 5 objectives.”

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