Feed the Soul

Meet Some suggestions to feed the soul and live happier. Gradually try to make more activities throughout the day, except that many of them are good for health or even the soul. 

  • Prepare a tea, sit down with a book or a magazine and just take a break.
  • Be Smile. Even if you do not want. Smiling makes your brain believe that we are happy.
  • Phone to a friend who does not speak for a long time (someone with a positive attitude that makes you feel good).
  • Make a nice thing for someone. Sometimes doing a good deed can bring so much. You can donate something to charity, give clothes that no longer use, donate blankets to an animal shelter, pay a coffee to a stranger, donate books to your local library and more.
  • Take care of a garden even has one. Find a way to join or start a community garden. Even if you have a balcony, you can create flowers in pots.
  • Take a walk. Choose a different way than usual.
  • Go to a park or take a walking tour. Take a picnic or enjoy a break on a park bench.
  • Give a hug to someone you like and tell her how important you are.
  • Sing, just for the pleasure. Even if you think you can’t sing, do it anyway. Freedom the voice is a good way to heal the soul.
  • Say “thank you” to the many people who help you throughout the day, whether it’s one-stop housekeeper, someone to help carry your bags, a teacher or a child. Always show your gratitude.
  • Stop looking at the negative side of things.
  • Turn off the television and listen to music. Although there are very good programs, many hours in front of the television can upset the soul.
  • Turn off the computer, mobile phone, Blackberry, IPad and or other devices. Keep Calm and stay relax.
  • Try engage in an art or crafts: painting, ceramics, sculpture, knitting, cake decorations, bake bread or any other hobby that free your mind.


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