In others smartphones sim contacts are already imported but in Iphone you should import sim contacts by yourself. You can copy your contacts from a SIM card to your iPhone. If your old phone isn’t an iPhone, you can use its SIM card to transfer the main phone number for each of your contacts from the SIM card. Other numbers might not import, or might import as more than one contact. If you don’t know that How to import sim contacts in Iphone?

So today we are exposing that How to import sim contacts in Iphone?

You should act upon the following Method given below:

>Go to Iphone SETTING.

>Choose mail, contacts, calendars

And down you will see an Import SIM Contacts bar, and then click on
the Import sim Contacts after taking few seconds your sim contacts import in your Iphone. Don’t forget to restart your Iphone after sim contacts import.


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