Five tricks to get the most out of audio on your portable devices


Not all devices have quality speakers; Many times its power falls short. Here are some tips to compensate for these shortcomings and achieve a desirable volume on your smartphone or laptop.

Everything fits

Any device has the option to adjust the sound and you can adapt it to your liking.

Equalization consists of lowering or raising frequencies over others. If you are a lover of electronic music, for example, you can give more prominence to the bass. Usually there are preset modes for different types of audio. In addition, it is important to look at all the possibilities offered by the system settings, since often more advanced effects can be found than a simple equalization.

In case you do not find these tools on your device, you can go to the applications: Music Volume EQ and Poweramp (for Android), Bass Booster (Android and iOS) and Boom or Equalizer + (both for iOS), among many others. With them you can alter the sound and boost the bass, although you will have to pay to access the best features.

The apps are able to increase the volume of the device, even when it seems that it is already at its maximum limit. This is not recommended at all, because forcing the speakers beyond their capacity can damage them; but it is always an option.

Where is?

Another good practice is to avoid putting obstacles in the way of sound waves. It may seem like something minor, but it is crucial to know where the speakers are to avoid covering them with covers.

In addition, many laptops have their grilles in the lower casing, looking down. That can amplify the sound if you leave it on a table, but not on a soft surface.

The power of quality

Programs also play an important role in determining sound quality. Music streaming platforms, for example, provide different audio quality according to the chosen plan. The same thing happens with movies. It is not the same to download it from the internet to access it through a paid service.

At full volume

To take a step further in your musical experience you need a portable speaker. These will always win to those in your device. In addition, it is compatible with any device and thanks to its internal rechargeable battery, can accompany you wherever you want.


Use quality headphones (with noise reduction), since they can make a huge difference. Even some sound settings do not work without connecting the headphones to the device.


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