Five settings to keep Samsung’s new phone on and increase battery life

Screen off

Disable the Always-On Display feature, always going to Settings> Screen Lock and Security> Always on Display. With this feature off, the display will always be off when the phone is locked and you will save battery.

Choose Resolution

The Galaxy S8 comes standard with the screen in high definition resolution. It does not need ultra-high resolution to send messages by WhatsApp, but it does make sense to use it for games and watching videos. For daily use, choose the screen in FHD resolution and switch to the highest for multimedia activities.

Ignition limit

Limiting the time the display is still on after you have interacted with the device is another proven way to increase battery life. The S8’s display is set to turn off in 15 seconds, which is a good option. You can always change it from the Settings menu.

Apps sleeping

Samsung added the option to manually “sleep” an application. When an application is “sleeping”, it does not run in the background and receives no notifications. To deactivate an app, press and hold the corresponding icon until the configuration control appears. Select “Sleep” from the list.

No automatic brightness

Open the quick setup panel and touch the small arrow next to the brightness control. Set the auto adjustment knob to off.


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