Quit Smoking

Benefits of Quit Smoking:

  • Live longer and better quality of life
  • Reduce risk of serious diseases (cardiovascular, respiratory and cancer)
  • Stop spending money unnecessarily
  • Leave coughing, fewer colds and breathing difficulties
  • Greater physical strength and well-being
  • Breath fresher and less stains on teeth and fingers
  • Better quality of life for family and colleagues
Quit Smoking

Steps for how to Quit Smoking:

Make a contract with yourself: Concentrate on your own and make your choices.
Seek specialist support: There are excellent experts in smoking cessation. Refer to who deserves you more confidence.
Select the day you will stop smoking: First day of the year or the month or return from holiday, new job, birth of a child etc…
Decide you do not want to smoke: At this point, quitting smoking is a priority. Relativize the other issues.
Congratulate yourself for the decision: Feel powerful by the decision you made. Share with the people closest to you.
Focus on the benefits of quitting smoking: Visualize your life without tobacco: Waking up in a good mood, swimming, running, kissing etc… Do an activity that gives pleasure and occupy time and hands daily: Gardening, painting or exercise are great options.
Make an investment for life: Initial difficulties will disappear. Every day is a little less difficult than the last. The reward of the effort will come.
Start healthier life and make exercise: Take advantage of the benefits of not smoking and feel your body changing. Enjoy your health.
Reduce consumption of coffee and alcoholic beverages: In addition to the effect “replacement”, they impair your health. Remember that you are deciding your life.
Try to relax and avoid stress. Stress is often a trap. Learn to anticipate and prevent stress.
Ask for help in the most difficult moments: When you feel tempted to smoke, talk to someone immediately: your doctor, with your wife / husband, with co-worker, with anyone else. In difficult times, do not fight alone.


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