Memorizing information, concepts or knowledge is a technique that we will have to use throughout our lives. And it is not only valid for our student stage, but on many occasions it is possible that we need to memorize some explanation, definition or process to expose or explain it in our work or personal environment. So be clear how to memorize better will be fundamental to help you in your studies and also in your daily life.

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  • The first and most important thing before trying to memorize better is to be clear that we must be absolutely focused on what we plan to record in our brain in order to memorize it effectively. Focusing on what we are seeing or reading, paying full attention and understanding is fundamental to a good result.

In our article how to increase memory and concentration we give you some tricks so that you can focus more effectively.

  • Once you are fully focused and ready to memorize then you can turn to the classic repetition technique . Repeating a concept or definition aloud several times allows us to record it in our brain efficiently, once you think you have memorized it you must do the test and ask someone to ask you about what you are trying to learn, to repeat it and explain it Someone else can not only check if you know it but also fix it even more in your brain. This technique is infallible.
  • Another way to memorize better is to read several times what you are trying to learn and then to summarize it. By reading the same thing several times and then trying to summarize it with your own words you will be able to memorize it effectively and repeat it with concepts and words that sound familiar to you, feeling much more comfortable with the information.

We explained it in the first step, but it is worth repeating: to memorize you must understand everything you are reading, so clarify any doubts before continuing with the work.

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  • If what you try to memorize better is very complex or long, then you can choose different techniques to record it in your memory , for example:
  1. Memorize the concept with a song, when there is music involved, our brain can better retain what we listen and try to learn.
  2. Use letters or acronyms to record names or concepts quickly and easily.
  3. Using rhyme when it comes to names or short concepts can also help, no matter that the rhyme does not make sense as long as you can memorize it. For example, what is the smallest planet in the solar system? Mercury, the planet of the blonde. A phrase without meaning but that will help you retain this answer.
  • Underlining or highlighting with colors what you intend to memorize is an excellent solution if you have a good visual retentive. If you are better at retaining what you listen instead of what you see, then it may be useful to record what you need to keep and listen to several times, a technique that will help you to memorize better.
  • Other techniques that may help you memorize better are:
  1. Read many times what you want to remember to fix it in your memory.
  2. Make charts or diagrams with a summary of concepts in which you use basic words that help you remember.
  3. Explain or expose someone aloud what you are memorizing.

Applying these alternatives and, above all, keeping concentration to the maximum, you will be able to memorize what you want in a successful way.


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