Volvo’s Managing Director Nick Conner says that every year 19 thousand cyclists are victims of traffic accidents. LifePaint will be able to reduce traffic accidents and casualties.

Volvo offers long traded with its reputation regarding passenger safety, but additionally it is looking out pertaining to pedestrians and bicyclists. LifePaint spray is targeted at making cyclists safer to see at night time.

Sweden’s Volvo car company in collaboration with the British organization Grey London have developed special colors for night which reflects the light of vehicle’s headlights. Experts named this color as LifePaint. It will maintain its efficacy up to 10 days.

LifePaint spray is designed to increase the awareness, visibility and safety of cyclists at night. The paint is designed to light up if the headlights of an automobile pointing in its direction, which alerts drivers towards presence of cyclists. The LifePaint may be applied directly about bikes, on garments, or on protection helmets. In inclusion, this paint will be washable.

In order to test the market, in excess of 2, 000 sprays LifePaint are going to be distributed in cycling shops in London.

Video: VOLVO LIFEPAINT by TheExpressNews


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