It seeks to generate experience for the first manned mission to Mars

Photo: Wikimedia

In preparation for the launch of its first manned mission to Mars, NASA plans to send astronauts to the Moon in 2027 for a period of one year to test the vehicle it will use for that task.

This was announced by the Deputy Assistant Director of NASA for policies and plans at the agency’s Human Exploration and Operations Missions Directorate, Greg Williams, at the Humans to Mars Summit held last Tuesday, May 9 in Washington, USA.

“If we could carry out a manned one-year mission in this space transport space, we think we will know enough to send this manned spacecraft on a thousand-day mission to the Mars system and return,” Williams said.

The mission to Mars will have two phases: one between 2018 and 2026 that would consist of building a space station orbiting the moon that will serve as a launching point for the spacecraft that will take the crew to the red planet.

In 2027 Phase two will begin, with an unmanned mission that will take the vehicle into space within the lunar orbit. Then a second flight would be launched to transfer the astronauts to the facility.

It is estimated that the first manned mission to Mars occurred in the 2030s.


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