They will pay you to translate movies subtitles

The program, called Hermes invites users interested in earning money to create subtitles for the Netflix catalog in more than 20 different languages.

The main reason is that Netflix is ​​having trouble finding professional translators in different parts of the world. It is relatively easy to find native speakers of more popular languages, such as Spanish, French, or German, who have all the right conditions to translate from English. But when it comes to finding Dutch speakers, by way of example, the task becomes complex. There are only 100-150 professional Dutch subtitle translators in the world, according to Netflix blog, And so far many more languages.

Those who join the platform, and are elected, will be remunerated based on the volume of translations they make. However, to get this coveted job, you need to pass a 90 minute exam. Exemplary requirements: Excellent understanding of English, ability to translate sentences that are not literal to each language (the handling of local expressions), and to be able to detect grammatical errors in the original subtitle.

According to data from December 2016, translating one minute of audio into English into Spanish text will pay $ 12. That’s about $ 700 for an entire House of Cards chapter. However, the rates for each language vary according to the number of users available for each language.


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