A company offers 300 spaces to launch the remains of their loved ones in a SpaceX rocket


When someone squeezes the remains of a loved one, the ashes are usually scattered in the sea or in some significant territory for the deceased. Now, the company Elysium Space offers a different destination: outer space.

Recently, the company announced the Elysium Star II, a set of urns that will include the ashes of 300 people and that will be put in orbit in the next month taking advantage of one of the trips of Falcon 9, the rocket of SpaceX.

Inside the ship there will be space for ashes of 300 people and the company has confirmed that there are already 100 places reserved, including veterans, space fans or simply individuals whose relatives want to give a different destination to their remains.

Once the spacecraft releases Elysium Star II, its orbit will be synchronized with that of the Sun and will continue to travel the Earth for two years, until it returns to the atmosphere and disintegrates forever. Elysium has prepared a mobile application with which relatives will be able to know at any moment where the urn is.

Elysium Space plans to launch such launches each year. Each seat costs $ 2,490.


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