The headquarters uses old operating systems to combat recent vulnerabilities

The headquarters of the Department of Homeland Security United States still using Windows 95. But, why would use such an outdated operating system?

According to one of the managers in charge of managing the electronic systems of the headquarters, in the Pentagon they use mostly Windows XP, but also make use of Windows 98 and Windows 95. The first was deprecated in 2014, the second in 2006, While the latter in 2001.

Since they need to protect the security of the state and its citizens, the Pentagon avoids updating its systems to avoid security risks. For example, if you install Windows 10, nothing ensures that there is no vulnerability since it is a very recent system.

According to a study in November last year, the market share of users of Windows XP has risen compared to other systems.

However, in the case of the US Department of Homeland Security, their computers are not connected to the Internet but use a local network. Although these systems are safer to be more tested, it would be crazy to connect these computers to the global network as they are not protected against vulnerabilities that came to light 15 years later and that Microsoft did not solve before canceling their technical support.


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