The studio Tequila Works has just launched one of the most anticipated video game


It has been a long development and not without problems. Presented in 2013 as an exclusive title for PlayStation 4 and with a video that dazzled the attendees of the Gamescom, ‘RiME’ has been in question almost since. Raúl Rubio, CEO of Tequila Works, acknowledged last year that it had been a mistake to announce it so far in advance: “We announced the game after working on it for a short time. We have not taught anything in two years because it was probably too early.”

Despite the positive reception of the concept – the title puts the player in the skin of a child and gives a fundamental importance to light, drawing inspiration from the paintings of Sorolla, and recalling titles of Team ICO as ‘The Last Guardian’ or ThatGameCompany As’ Journey’-, the future of the game was plunged into uncertainty. It seemed that his development was not advancing. Perhaps the biggest scare came when Sony announced that it was abandoning the ship in 2016. RiME, which until then was only to be released on the console of the Japanese manufacturer, became a multiplatform game with corresponding versions for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. This Friday has hit the market and the first criticism that has received one of the most anticipated Spanish titles of the moment are very positive.


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