With the new browser update, it is easier to download sites to view offline

Thanks to this update for Android devices (you need to upgrade the app first) you can read articles without coverage.

Already for some time in Chrome , the Google search offered to view an offline web page. That is, you could save a page and then view it offline. However, apparently this service could improve, and Google did, according to Android authority.

The company has added to this function faster access and improvements in the save option. Now, when you access a website and keep the screen pressed down for a long time, a window will appear allowing you to choose the “download link” option. In addition, even without Internet, you can select the option “download page later”, so that the web will be saved when reconnected.

You can also have a visual reminder, in the form of an icon in Google Chrome, making it much easier to see the saved content. It will only be necessary to open a new tab and slide from top to bottom to browse the entire download list.


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