Simple and basic guide to promote and grow your Facebook page

  • Create a specific page for your business, separate from your personal profile
    Do not confuse your profile with fan page. Personal profile page is where your contacts will add you as friends and fan page is a page where people like.
  • Customize your page’s address
    The address (URL) of fan pages should be user-friendly, short and without numbers. You must enter the settings and switch to the name of your own business. If the name is not available, make a small adjustment
  • Invite others to enjoy your page, in and out of Facebook

    Send messages inviting your friends to know your page. Promote your page not only within Facebook itself but in different blogs and other social networks like Twitter and LinkedIn. You can promote not only their fan page on Facebook as well as on Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites. Be sure to put the Facebook logo on your blog or site. Invite people by sending them messages with your URL and encourage them to click the “Like”. In your blog, put the “Like Box”, that rectangle with the faces of those who already likes your page. Also send e-mail to your network, not just begging for a tan, but justifying why your page garner attention and your business can be helpful.

  • Take care of your communication outside the internet
    Put your Facebook page address on your business cards. That’s right, and takes advantage of the potential of the physical world; after all you “exist”. When the query wait with the dentist, or in line at the bank, pull it, light conversation the direction you want and finish handing your card to the person. Even the most fanatic internet also has a living out of it. Have you graced your Facebook address on your business cards, stationery, bags and packaging?
  • Buy Facebook ads
    Recent changes Facebook made it a great marketing tool and it is just beginning. One important change is that you can now use the pay per click of Facebook advertising to promote your business page. Campaigns with Facebook ads (Facebook Ads) work very well for the disclosure of your page, if well made. Be careful not to spend more than we should, as the tool brings great results in the increase of fans, it’s tempting to put more resources, which does not always generate more results, Test different types of ads in a period of one week to see which images or text generate more income.
  • Read the FAQ Facebook.
    It is very important to understand the vision of Facebook ad tool.
  • Post relevant content and share-able
    Relevant content is nothing more than something that people who like your page will enjoy reading, share and which is relevant to your business. Do not take a “share” in other sites posts. Do not be lazy: write a short text, copy the link you want to share, add a video or image and quote the source. Do not have to be all in text. You can create a video about your business. For example, you can record a quick video using your webcam or a digital video camera. Try it, the more you practice you more comfortable and confident will arrive in front of the camera. Keep the video short, 1-3 minutes. It may be a detailing a particular piece of information. You can do a quick video series 1 minute.
  • Use #hashtags
    Hashtags are those words or phrases preceded by the old game that invaded the social networks. Choose one or two keywords. A hashtag must be written as a single word, without any spaces. For example: #Iphone #Android depending on you post’s relevancy.
  • Join groups related to your market
    Join Facebook groups related to your niche market and interact with them. Done correctly, you are going where your audience is and is positioned as an experienced person to build relationships with others. Search the groups that have good quality content. Content that will surely help you with Facebook is the Social Traffic Massively. Actively participate in groups, post tips, questions and place the layout, but without advertise posting. By doing so, you position yourself as an expert on the subject and will always be consulted, building relationships with everyone. Remember to read and follow the group rules if they exist.
  • Check the information of those who like your page
    In the admin panel of your fan page by clicking “info” you will know more about your audience. It is very useful to know the greater engagement of times and which posts generate more income. So you can improve your performance and make better posts.


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