Meet some useful tips to increase followers on Instagram


Use hashtags in all publications

Published a cool photo of your product? Place a good description and use hashtags that represent your product. The use of hashtags properly helps your company stay highlighted in searches.
Do a search on Instagram with the hashtag #instafood and check the amount of photos taken using this hashtag.
Some most used hashtags on Instagram:

#love – 850,887,053 photos
#instagood – 401,923,656 photos
#me – 351,515,784 photos
#tbt – 343,637,034 photos
#follow – 322,197,245 photos
#cute – 312,276,659 photos

Want to get the attention of people on Instagram?

Give likes to photos of people, you do not follow. To find such photos use the hashtags. More Interacting with people on Instagram will give you more chances to increase your followers.

Don’t stop publishing

Constantly use Instagram. Upload photo of your company’s products, events every day or photos of their daily lives, if you are not a company. At least one or two publications per day are necessary to keep your Instagram well updated.

Instagram Filters

Instagram Filters enables you to make your photos inspirational, breathless or memorable thus, results in more people to engage with your photo.

Posting time

If you post a photo in the middle of night, how many can see it. There are also some times when more followers use social networks. Try to understand what time your content has reached more people and what is the time when more people comment or propagate your photos. Usually the greater engagement on the Internet has been on weekends. Test these times and try to find an ideal time to publish a photo. .

Search, Copy and publish similar images

Instagram has an area “explore” in the application, this area shows the most popular photos on Instagram. Use this as inspiration!
Find an interesting photo, copy the idea and create something publish and use the same hashtags used in that image. This will bring new followers and likes good for your photo.

Mark places and Tag people

Add the location where the photos were taken, this will allow your published photos to gain more visibility. Instagram enables you to tag people in photos. If you are with friends at any event and took a group photo, select all of them and their followers will see your photo.

Use the other Social Networks

Posted a new photo? Then share on Facebook and Twitter. So your friends and followers of other social networks will know your profile on Instagram.

Follow me I follow back

We do not recommend this formula for business. But if you have a personal profile and want to gain followers, then use this formula “follow me, I follow back.”


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