After over 85 million sold units worldwide and three different hardware models is now concluded: Sony announces in Japan the production stop for the PS3, the other territories are likely to follow soon.


The end of the last generation of consoles came sooner than expected: as soon as PS4 and Xbox One were sold, their older predecessors were already discontinued models that did not receive any significant software support. In Japan, the PS3 has sold to the last solid. Despite this, Sony signs for the device in its home country: When exactly the production of the current PS3 model is due to expire, the manufacturer has not yet revealed – but it will soon be ready.

Despite initially sluggish sales, the 2006 released console, with almost 87 million installed units worldwide, was a true success story without surpassing the predecessor model: until the end of the production in 2012 the PS2 was sold over 157 million times and is thus the most successful to date video game console at all. Even Nintendos Wii stayed with just over 100 million units behind the PS2 back.


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