The new business model is an entrepreneur ally, it is a great option if you want to debut as an independent. We tell you what it is and what are the keys for your business to take the first steps?

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The ‘Start-up’ are startups or emerging ideas, characterized by use ICT to support their business model. That is to say that they are established in digital platforms of Internet, thus their costs to begin are different from those of someone who for example wants to mount a chain of restaurants.

The chances of growth of companies of this type are usually high, as are the risks they manage. Its innovation is to generate easy solutions for things that are currently complex processes, and have great capacity to adapt to changes in consumption and technologies.

It is a term that is being widely used in the business world, as many of the companies that became famous in their last years are Startups. That is the case of Uber, a company that emerged in 2008 in Nevada, when its creators had trouble getting a taxi; it occurred to them that there should be a service to get a vehicle with the push of a button.

Another example could be Dropbox, the company that was thought of in a bus when its founder lost the USB that it carried. At that time he realized the importance of creating a service to manage large files from the cloud.

The two companies represent what is a Startup, as they are designed to be a digital innovation, their niche market are people with the same needs as them, i.e. a large public, and the most interesting is that their growth has been exponential. Companies like Google and Facebook share the same characteristics, and due to their adaptability have remained in force.

In Pakistan we are not unaware of this type of initiatives; surely you know the application Careem. If you use them often it is because they brought you many benefits , so if you feel uncreative, reassure yourself, there are probably thousands of problems in many services, so there must also be thousands of ideas to develop, so we give you recommendations so that if Decide to try things go well.

Take entrepreneurship courses

You do not need to study Business Administration at a prestigious university to learn about business and entrepreneurship issues. There are many options that are even free and will guide you in this world.

For example Steve Blank, a well-known entrepreneur, offers a free course on how to make a Startup, which lasts a month and can be consulted on the following page:

There are also other options in Spanish, such as the Coursera web, specializing in free virtual courses dictated by the best universities in the world, in the field of entrepreneurship you can find some offers, is the course ‘How to build my business model?’ And ‘Turn your entrepreneurial idea into a company’, both offered by the University of the Andes, in addition is ‘Fundamentals of entrepreneurship: thinking and action’, University of California Irvine, among many others.

The Chamber of Commerce has workshops to create or strengthen your company, which are focused on an audience of all strata and social conditions that want to undertake, can be consulted at:

Seek financing

You will be asking yourself, ‘How can I get the money to carry out my idea?’ There are many websites and organizations interested in contacting investors with great business ideas. An example is the page, specialized in ‘Start-up’ and in which you can create a profile and upload there your business project, this way you will find people interested in investing in you , also employees ready to work in Your idea and even projects to start investing.

Another platform of this type is, where its users have invested $ 1.8 trillion dollars in projects. There is also, which is the largest community of ‘Startups’ with 13.9 million members, and also frequently publish articles with advice and ideas on the subject.

To be something innovative your idea has to change something

It can be any aspect of life, be it the way you pay for something, or how you ask for a service, the key is to make something complicated, that people do daily, a simple thing. Think about the things that bother you when you try to use a product or service, look for ideas that could solve that.

Ideas can be at the head of their noses, as Startup is responsible for making life easier, “Their developments offer services ranging from asking for homes, request a hug, until you find someone to line up in the bank, An online finance course, networking with neighbors, as mentioned recently by the Financial Market Analysis Unit of the National University in a column for Personal Finance.


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