The technology combines artificial intelligence, natural language recognition, and patient data to detect symptoms


The first technology of medical diagnosis through artificial intelligence, tested with 1,500 patients was successful in 91% of the cases, according to the results of the trial presented today in Congress Health 2.0.

The technology, called Mediktor, combines artificial intelligence, natural language recognition and patient data to detect symptoms and provide a listing of possible diseases, recommendations and even connect online with medical staff for additional advice.

The platform learns from each interaction and has developed advanced intuition after 1.3 million symptom evaluations in 195 countries, similar to that of a medical professional with 40 years of experience.

According to its proponents, it is the first health assessor based on scientifically endorsed artificial intelligence.

Like a doctor, Mediktor asks a series of simple questions to the patient until he reaches a list of possible pre-diagnosis.

Thanks to its powerful semantic engines, Mediktor is able to interpret the symptoms that the user explains using natural language and carry out a complete digital medical questionnaire.

Mediktor co-founder Cristian Pascual said that “new pre-diagnosis tools are transforming the way people access the healthcare system, providing huge benefits to teams of professional doctors, patients and insurance companies.”

“Nevertheless, Stressed the importance of predicting the need for hospital admission of patients. “Our goal with Mediktor is to predict the need for admission or surgery during the first triage of access to the emergency department, so we will be able to drastically reduce waiting times until the entry into the plant,”


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