The Google knows more about you than you think; a look at the “My Activity” menu will surprise you


Voice Commands

If you use them on Android or any other Google product, in the “Voice & Audio” section of Google My Activity you can see and hear the complete list of everything you have said to your phone.

Navigation habits

If you’re using Chrome, check the sync settings page. There you will see all your statistics: saved bookmarks, open tabs, number of passwords entered and more.


If you use the Gmail file system instead of deleting the mails, you can get a surprise: Google stores how many mails and chats it received and sent since it opened its account.


The Google Maps Timeline feature contains a detailed journal of each of your movements: where and when you were at each location. The information is provided by hour, day, month and year.


You can see a detailed record of everything you do with your Android devices on the Google My Activity site. There select the “Filter by date and product” option and you will find out everything that you or someone else did on your computer.

Your Sites

In “My Activity” is also the record of your passing through the web. There you can search for words and dates. If a visitor is embarrassed, opt for incognito mode.


First of all, Google is a search engine and remembers everything that you consulted in the last month. So, it also reminds you in a breakdown of the most common searches.

Android Devices

Google keeps track of how many Android devices connected to your account. You also know when you last used them and save a list of apps.


The big G also knows how much time is spent on YouTube, how many videos it plays and how many it searches each month.


Google Photos can tell you how absurdly great your collection is.

Social life

Do you accept more invitations than you reject? If you are a Google Calendar user, the system will know every time you say no to an event.

Play Store

Google keeps a complete list of all the items you saw in the official store and all of your searches on the Play Store.


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