The change in the privacy of the application allows the social network to use the data of its users


In August 2016, WhatsApp announced that it would share its users’ phone numbers with Facebook and provide data to companies. It was the first time the messaging app changed its privacy policy since it had been acquired by the social network in 2014.

On Thursday, the European Commission (EC) imposed a $ 120 million fine on Mark Zuckerberg’s company for providing “misleading information” when it bought WhatsApp.

“Companies have to comply with all aspects of EU merger regulations, including the obligation to provide correct information,” the agency said in a statement.

But why does Facebook want your WhatsApp information?

The first reason is to be able to send you relevant friendship suggestions. Facebook wants your phone number to be able to connect it with those with whom you have exchanged text messages but they are not yet your “friends” in the social network.

Another use that the company makes of your data is to send you personalized advertising. It is already known that Facebook sends advertisements to its users based on their Google searches on specific topics. Now, the information that the social network gets from you through WhatsApp can also serve you for this purpose, allowing interested companies to pay in exchange for being able to send messages to users of the application.

Finally, Facebook is interested in knowing what times it connects. The messaging app also shares information with the social network about the last time users used the service. This data can be useful to know which users are interesting targets to send advertising and to make statistics about the use they make of the application.


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