Simple ways to improve the-always-suffering-experience of wireless at home


Modem to center

In order for the signal distribution to function properly, it is best to place the modem in the center of the house or apartment. Usually the connection is used in different places of the enclosure and the walls and obstacles are an impediment for the correct transmission of the wireless signal, so it is advisable to place it in a point where the interference is minimized. So, although it seems a good idea to put the modem near the computer, if that place is too isolated can prevent the connection in other places in the house where a smart TV or even the user with his smartphone.

Security before everything

There are always people trying to illegally enter your connection. The best way to prevent this is to increase network security using a WPA (Wifi Protected Access) key. It is best to make it as extensive and personalized as possible, avoiding using personal information such as your name, street number or telephone number. After you set a strong enough key, remember to change it periodically.

Away from the microwave

When turned on, some appliances such as the sound equipment or the TV can cause interference in the wifi signal. Keep in mind that these devices emit signals that cause network instability, so it is best to place the modem in a space where there are no appliances.

Suitable channel

If you are a user away from other connections, you will have fewer problems. But who lives in a building or with many neighbors, knows the problem of having many wifi signals fighting in the spectrum. Surely the network you use is running on the same channel as some of your neighbors.

By choosing the channel that is freer you can greatly improve the coverage. There are a variety of applications that allow you to identify the correct one. One of the most used is WiFi Analyzer, for Android, which provides graphs to see which channel each router uses and recommends the best ones.

Enlarge the signal

In the market, devices are offered to amplify the network and thus reach all corners of the home, reaching a greater coverage than the modems offered by operators. This is a good option if you live in a very large house, several floors or in which there are many walls, in particular, thick. The first option is the wifi repeaters, which connect to the router through an Ethernet cable and forward the signal to the farthest devices. Another option is to use one of the so-called PLC devices, which work as a plug without the need for connection between devices.


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