Discover some tips to travel to Paris and enjoy the French capital. Organize your trip with these quick and useful tips.

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Paris: Travel Guide

The capital of France is undoubtedly one of the places that we should visit at least once in life, especially if you are looking for a romantic, Not only for its majestic Eiffel Tower, but also for its gastronomy, its culture, its museums, its language, etc. If you are looking for a travel guide to Paris, in this note we give you some keys to make your trip wonderful.

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If you like adventure and unarmed trips, you can have some inconveniences in the French capital, especially to stay. If you are going to go in the middle of summer, for example, or during the spring, you’d better book a room in advance, but you should know that hotels in Paris are not cheap, although there are cheaper areas than others have direct views of the Eiffel Tower).

Among the most expensive neighborhoods are the Arc de Triomphe, the Champs Elysees, the Tower, the Louvre and the Opera. Milder: The Marais, Bastille, Quartier Latin, Saint Germain and Montparnasse, equally good location. You will find the best area to stay in Paris according to your possibilities, searching on a map the direction of each hotel, and analyze if you are interested. Search Booking, Trivago and similar services.

The rooms in the hotels are small, do not want to find comfort too, so try to minimize your suitcase, because not all have elevator or plenty of room for clothes.


In the case of the means of transport, as it happens in all the important cities of Europe, in Paris the use of the meter is advised. The good thing is that it connects with the main points and tourist, and thanks to the interactive map that offers the official page can calculate the travel time between each station. You can also rent a bicycle or a motorcycle, there are rental points in many parts of the city; There is an excellent infrastructure in question of traffic.

To get to the city you can choose the plane, the road or the train. In the first case, you have at your disposal two airports, with Charles de Gaulle receiving flights from the continent. Both have good connection to the train and the metro network, so in a few minutes you will be in the center.

The best time to go to Paris

The best months to travel to Paris are May, June, September and October. At this time it is not too cold and you can walk at ease, although you must bring a coat for the night. You will not be exempt from the rains, which are frequent in the French capital.


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