United States opened a criminal investigation against Uber after finding that the service of transportation used software that allowed to outwit the authorities in areas that were restricted to their drivers.


The investigation – which just started – seeks to determine how Uber used the software, told AFP on Friday a source close to the case, confirming information revealed by The Washington Post.

The office of Northern District Attorney Brian Stretch is in charge of the investigation, according to the source who requested anonymity.

A spokesperson for the Prosecutor, contacted by the AFP, declined to comment.

The Greyball software, whose existence was revealed by The New York Times, was working thanks to user data: workers from regulatory authorities, for example, were identified and their service requests were nullified.

The company defended the software claiming that it was to protect its drivers from malicious rivals who resorted to smartphones to disrupt their work and not evade the authorities.

Uber, who acknowledged the existence of the software and vowed not to use it further, contended that Greyball had several functions, including protecting its drivers from violent users or breaching the terms and conditions of the service.


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