The definition of the strategy digital marketing is undoubtedly fundamental to every new business. Being naturally important to concentrate efforts on Facebook and Twitter, we should not forget LinkedIn, as this social network can make a difference in the launch and construction of its new activity.

Here are some tips you should consider if you want to use LinkedIn to promote your business:

Create a good profile

When creating a profile on LinkedIn, immediately ensure greater visibility when someone searches for your company on the internet. Working in an interesting and appealing profile, improve SEO content (search engine optimization) to positively contribute to greater visibility on the Web. Do not forget that whenever stands, always ends up pushing down other results of the research.

What to write? Write a description of the company, focusing on core business. Products or services you offer should be mentioned in the profile. You can use links (possibly including one that point to your website). When writing the profile, keep in mind that the key is to use keywords of your company and product descriptions to ensure opportunities for SEO.

News, videos and company events

Use the LinkedIn feed to share the news of your company, as certainly does with Facebook or Twitter. Encourage sharing among employees, Post videos, it is a great way to create awareness so that your company is doing, improving their profile and offering something that other people can share a virally, For example, customer testimonials or people interacting positively on your business.

Involve employees

Ask your employees to refer where they work in their personal LinkedIn profile. It is very important to be this complicity between company and employee, while increases exposure and visibility. Remember that LinkedIn is a very strong and extensive professional network, when more often your company’s name is seen best for you.


Do not hesitate to ask your customers and friends to recommend your products or services. Ask your contacts to do so. The recommendations will be seen by those who exploit your LinkedIn profile and can contribute positively to the acquisition of .

Being part of relevant groups

Add to groups that are related to the business sector of your company as it is the fastest way to connect with people and potential companies interested in your business.

Interaction with other professionals

Ensure the assertiveness of your network. Connect with professionals who are in your sector (directly or indirectly) and to support your project. Remember that your contacts of contact networks can always add value and visibility to your business.

Advertise possible job opportunities

If you have any new jobs, LinkedIn is a great place to find candidates. By showing that you are hiring, spread a very positive signal about the growth of your business. Many new connections arise with this procedure.


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