Five options to visit, at least virtually, the country of the rising sun (Japan)

Interesting Video Games Sited in Japan


Amaterasu, the Shinto goddess of the sun reincarnated in a wolf, must restore nature and defeat the demons, in a setting that combines locations and Japanese art in an adventure as entertaining as beautifully visually (Wii, PS2 and PS3).

Muramasa: The Demon Blade

Power-hungry emperors, demon-possessed katanas and amnesiac or possessed protagonists are some of the facets of this role-playing game in imperial Japan of the Edo period (Wii, PS Vita).

Onimusha: Walords

Samurai Samanosuke Akechi must fight the forces of Nobunaga Oda and rescue the princess Yuki from their demons. During the game you can control both Akechi and his partner Nija, Kaede (PS2, Xbox, and PC).

Ryu ga Gotoku Kenzan!

The game belongs to the Yakuza saga (although it is not a sequel), with the difference that it is located during the Edo period of Japan. Follows a mission of the famous warrior Miyamoto Musashi, retired and become a hit man (PS3).

Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes

In this strategy game, located in some period of the history of Japan, the player must choose one of many characters, train it and improve it while fighting in the battle of Sekigahara (Wii, PS3).


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