Close bonds of love, appreciation and friendship with an animal is very special, and what better than a rhino.

Animals and nature never cease to amaze us. When Garth of Bruno Austin, a South African cameraman , was filming a documentary about poaching, a funny companion appeared at his side. Who was? A very tender rhinoceros, who apparently likes to be Ingrain and show her love. Wait until you see the video of the meeting.

The video has received nearly 1 Million views on Youtube

” If a rhino walks directly to you while you’re filming and you want to scratch it … you’d better do it because your life depends on it!” Said Bruno Austin’s Garth after becoming viral for the video.

When Garth of Bruno Austin, a South African cameraman, was filming scenes for a documentary of poaching, a huge rhino approached him. As he himself said, he had no choice but to be still and patient with his presence.

“I did not approach this animal. It was completely her decision to let me enter her personal space and touch her. Once she had enough, she walked away and kept grazing. “

-Garth by Bruno Austin-


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